• "Thanks for all your help with the animals this year. It is a great comfort knowing we have someone we can trust." John Manning of The Business Change Factory (Patshull Park).
    John Manning
  • ''My arrival home tells you all you need to know - a very content cat, watered plants and a secure house. The service offered is excellent and great value for money. I certainly will be using the service again.'' Cathy McTaggart (Wednesfield).
    Cathy McTaggart
  • ''It's great having someone that not only loves your dog as much as you do - but you can trust 100%.'' Matt Ramsbottom - Managing Director for FREE Radio.
    Matt Ramsbottom
  • ''Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months - you have been a godsend.'' Melissa Gane (Codsall)
    Melissa Gane

Pet Sitting


Est 2007

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Fully licensed by Wolverhampton City Council


At Ellie and Oscar's, we provide a round the clock pet care service for the people of Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

Going on holiday? Got a wedding to attend? Having to go into hospital for a few days? Just too many work commitments at the moment?

Simply looking for a cost effective alternative to dog kennels and catteries? We have the perfect flexible options for you!

If your stuck for someone to look after your pets, give us a call today for an informal chat.

Our pet sitting services are available 365 days a year.



Doggy Day Care - £10 per day

Dog Home Boarding - £20 per 24 hour stay (1 dog) or £30 (2 dogs)

Cat Home Visits - £9 per visit

Small Animal Visits - £9 per visit

Small Animal Home Boarding - from £4 per 24 hour stay

(double rates applicable on Bank Holidays)


"Having been happily taking care of dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, chickens and the occasional snake, myself and my valuable team have built up a wealth of behavioural and nutritional knowledge. We welcome any problems you need solving!''  Robert Buka.

Find out more about our pet sitting services!

Doggy Day Care

Dog Day Care is available 7 days a week. Many of my regualr clients use this service several times a week due to work commitments while others simply wish to go out for the day. Regular dogs get to know each and coupled with the dogs that come in for their wash and cuts they all have a great time socialising and playing with each other.

Cat Home Visits

p1010051-408x308The perfect alternative to a cattery. For a daily visit costing £9, we will come to your home to replenish your cats food and water, change any litter trays, administer any medication (+£1 supplement for an injection) and take care of any other tasks you may require such as collecting up the post, opening and shutting curtains and watering plants.

We charge the same per visit regardless of the number of cats you have making a daily cat home visit a very cost effective solution to placing your cat in a cattery with the additional bonus that it allows your cat to stay within its own environment. This minimises the stress caused from transporting them in a new and strange environment for the duration that you are away for.

We are usually able to accommodate short notice bookings. Many of our regular customers have hectic and quick changing itinaries. It is not uncommon that we accommodate a booking that starts in under 24 hours from the time it was placed. Because we hold a set of keys for many regular customers, they need not worry about having to make any arrangements with us apart from checking that we will be available. We stock cat litter and cat food in our shop so our customers need not worry about not being able to leave enough food and cat litter.

Dog Home Boarding

charlie and lady-408x308Our Wolverhampton Dog Home Boarding service is one of our most popular pet sitting services. I will take care of your dog/s in the warmth and comfortable surroundings of my own home while you are away. This a great alternative to placing your dog in kennels and it only costs a few extra pounds per day for the knowledge that he/she will be in a loving one-to-one environment where they will get exercised daily and fed the food that they are used to at the times they are used to.

Small Animal Visits / Small Animal Home Boarding

ruby-408x306We have experience in taking care of all sorts of small animals including the more common rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and fish to the more exotic African Grey parrots, tortoises and bearded dragons. We can either perform a daily visit to your home or have them come and stay with us. Prices start from £4 per 24 hours.

Please note that we do not offer daily visits for most types of birds, particulary parakeets and parrots as they need significant levels of support that a daily visit cannot sustain. We are more than happy to offer our small animal home boarding service for them in this case.